I’m capable of doing Japanese <-> English translations upon request.
For samples, please have a look at my informal portfolio at Going  My Way Sub-culture – all English articles/translations on this website is done by me.
However, please read the following conditions:

  • I usually do translations free of charge for non-commercial materials. However, whether to accept the requests will be solely based on my discretion.
  • I will not do any translations if they are:
    • being used for fansubbing and/or for scanlations
    • contracts, agreements, or any other technical documents
    • any other material I feel uncomfortable or feel incapable of translating

To make a request, please send me an email including the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your contact information
  • The type of material you would like me to translate (eg. letter, novel, lyrics, etc.)
  • The purpose in which the material will be used
  • When you need the materials translated by
  • Any additional information that may be of use for me

Please send the above information to yuurik [AT] (please replace [AT] with @), with the subject line “Translation request: Your Name” (ie. if I was making a request, the subject would be “Translation request: Yuuri K.”)
If you don’t hear back from me within 3 days, please kindly resend the email as I may not have received it properly.