on long-term absences and a new year

Happy belated new year.
Yes, I do feel rather guilty that I haven’t touched this blog in the past 8 months.
Not much update either though… at least not on my English side of creative (if at all) stuffs.
I’ve been back in Japan for over 2 weeks now, though heading back to YVR in less than a week with… well packing, unpacking, packing, hopping over to Yokohama/Tokyo, packing, and more packing to do. Yes, unpacking *and* packing, owing largely to the fact that I’ve been acquiring (and consequently accumulating) too much stuff over the past year. Great, who said 3 weeks would be enough to organize all that stuff…
I’ll see how much I’d be able to keep up with doing updates on the numerous blogs (I honestly should get rid of some of these blogs though…), but feel free to check out the other stuff I do (as listed on the right-hand side)

on getting older

Not “old”, since the moment I claim I’m old, I’ll be getting at least 100 (if not more) people on my Facebook friend list coming after me with pitchforks.

Purely out of coincidence, it’s been 3 months since my last entry (oh sh**).
Over these 3 months, the Vancouver 2010 games have come and gone, one of the more or less local anime convention (at least for me) has come and gone, my twitter post count has gone over 3000 and still going, and last not but least (and rather recently), I’ve grown a year older.

I have somewhat reached an age where getting older doesn’t really get me much perks.
What do I mean by that? I mean I reached the age where I can legally drive years ago, I’ve been able to legally drink for a good number of years as well, but now the earliest I can get my next set of perks – as in “congratulations, you’ve reached age whatever and you qualify for senior discounts for x, y, and z” – won’t be for decades.
I do have to say, seeing my birthday come and go wasn’t all about gaining an age, but I feel it was a moment for me to reflect on what happened over the past 365 (or 366) days.

As I’ve been concentrating a lot more on my Japanese sites/blogs, I likely won’t be posting here all that frequently – however, feel free to check out my sub-culture related blog or my twitter as I do post/tweet in English from time to time.

on another moment of remembrance

Happy belated New Year, I just had to say that as it is, after all, the first post of the year.
I find it somewhat ironic that I’m seeing an article from exactly a year ago popping up on the first page of “recent entries” – that pretty much means, I’ve only written 5 articles within the past year.

That aside.
This is yet another one of those days I can’t help but to mention one moment in my life where I nearly got killed – no, seriously, I’m not joking here and it really isn’t a time to joke either.
I don’t feel all that comfortable considering myself as a victim or to say that I have been victimized, but it’s true – I am victim and a survivor from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake from 1995.
It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 15 years since then, and even though I’m almost certain that memories from this particular moment in my past will never fade, I fear that I’m eventually going to forget about it somehow.

I feel like there’s a lot I can and want to say, though I can’t seem to come up with a good way to collect my thoughts properly, probably because I feel I’m going to end up repeating a lot of the things I said a year ago.
Again, thanks to anyone who stopped by today to read this – if you’re at all interested, check out Wikipedia or my entry from last year. I’m aware Wikipedia isn’t always the best place to look for accuracy, though from what I’ve seen, it’s relatively accurate.

on taking a break that’s been a bit long than anticipated

Well, the break wasn’t completely intentional, it’s just that I happened to find myself spending more time on other stuff that I didn’t really get around to this particular blog.

That aside, I’m still alive and doing stuff here and there.
For starters, I’ve been doing another blog with a friend of mine – we’re focusing on doing reviews on pretty much anything related to Japanese subculture (as you can see from the blog title: “Going My Way Sub-culture”).
And the thing that I’m most excited about this blog is that it’s almost completely bilingual… provided I get around to translating them into English.
GMWSC is basically an online portfolio for my Japanese-English translations (and yes, my friend approves of that too), so if you’re at all interested in looking at how I translate stuff, feel free!

Other than that… well, not much to say about my real life.
I guess the most recent act of idiocy would have been me selling off a few books at Book-Off, and then spending more than double the amount of money I got from the books *on* more books – I thought the idea was to get rid of books since I have too many, and to get some money since I was somewhat low on cash.
……at the very least, I shouldn’t have paid with cash. *sigh*

on mild amusements.

It’s mildly amusing that out of all the blogs I have, this one seems to get the most spam, despite it being probably the one with the most infrequent updates. Well OK, this one probably is the most “public” of all =p

I’m happy to say that I’ve successfully obtained my BA in English Language and Asian Area Studies from that university on the west coast, of which its abbreviated may signify “used beverage container” according to our beloved Wikipedia.
The “alumni booklet” that I received after my convocation certainly did suggest that one may mistaken it to be a “broadcasting company in Uzbekistan,” though all I found from Wikipedia that was close to that was the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation, but that’s aside from the point.
Yes, thank you Wikipedia, you always have some way of amusing me.

on using blockquotes

Oh blockquotes you are so awesome.
No, really, you helped me take up so many pages and… um, yeah *cough*

So, now that I’ve killed my overdue paper, I actually have a bit of time to breathe. Not really, but well, I think I do deserve to take a break from staring at blank Word docs.

Lots of stuff went on in the last little while, including SCon, but I won’t say much for the time being – once I start writing stuff about SCon I’m just never going to stop =p

Last set of papers and exams for my undergrad, can’t wait till it’s over!

on departures and farewells…

Well, I could have just said, the night before (departing for) SCon.
And of course, bidding farewell to my undergrad days.
…at least in terms of classes, that is.

I’ll admit it: I don’t think I really want to get out of school after all, but at the same time, this is what I’ve been striving for these past years.
No, that doesn’t equate to me becoming a complete nerd/geek who likes getting bombarded by papers and exams… wait, I am a geek =p
I’ve been in school for too long, way too long that I just probably don’t remember or heck, I probably just don’t know what it’s like not to constantly stay on top of readings (I never did =p), getting up bright and early for 8 or 9am classes (I was almost always late), running around chasing after execs who don’t do shit (actually, I never really had to do that, most of my execs were fantastic, amazing, awesome people), or procrastinate on papers and start begging profs for extensions (this again wasn’t something I did without a legitimate enough reason – only times would have been when I had severe skin irritation around my eyes that I had difficulty keeping my eyes open in front of my laptop and thus couldn’t get my paper done, or when 2 major paper deadlines clashed and it was just too much for me to get them both done for the same day).

I’ve been so used to saying, “Oh, I’ll be here another year to finish x” or “Oh, I have another year left because I decided I want to do y” every time we reach end of the year. But since the beginning of this school year, I’ve always said “Yes, I’m going to graduate this year, for real” – yes, it’s now becoming reality.

I have to admit it was an awkward end to the term – I went to my first class of the day, which I simply had no reason to take other than it being one of my required courses. I was happy that class was going to be over.
And then, just as I was preparing for my other class – which, by the way, was my favorite class with my favorite prof in Asian Studies, I get an email from her saying that she’s getting ill and that she has to cancel class.
To think that the morning class was my last ever undergrad lecture, it’s somewhat depressing – no, it’s just a personal opinion, and has to do with the fact that the other class was about the only class I truly wanted to take this term.

This weird sense of uneasiness went away after spending a few hours at my “nighttime job” during late morning/early afternoon hours (yes, our service get to operate in broad daylight for once) and chatting with my coworkers, and of course, having an awesome time with my club execs for dinner and drinking.
I can’t express how much I loved hanging out with them, and how much I’m going to miss them all after I depart from UBC – after sending off so many other people before me, it’s now my turn to leave with the cherished memories that I’ll most certainly treasure for life.

Even if you aren’t reading this, I just wanted to say: thank-you everyone, you guys know who you are, and you guys should know how awesome you guys have been – it’s been pleasure and an honor to have been able to spend time with you all, and I hope it was the same for you guys too. Best wishes, and good luck!

…alright, back to packing…… yay for poor time management that still hasn’t seem to have improved even after all these years in university =p

on “crap I’m out of witty-looking titles”

Yeah I know I don’t necessarily have to have witty-looking titles all the time, but whatever =p

So yes, I’m no longer sick–I mean, c’mon it’s been almost a month since I last bothered writing anything, I don’t think I want to be sick for *that* long.
It did take a while to recover though, much longer than I anticipated. I probably haven’t been sick for this long in a pretty long time. Probably has to do with the fact that I pretty much pushed myself to get to classes and to (at least) one of my workplaces, and the fact that a bunch of my friends and coworkers were also sick around the same time – yes, joyous indeed. As far as I remember, I don’t think I ever called in sick for work till this time.

Less than 6 weeks until I’m done with school for good (well, at the very least, done for now)? It’s a bit of a scary though, especially since I’ve been in school pretty much nonstop until this very day (and still ongoing for another bit).
What to do after I get the heck outta here? Who knows… I’ll probably just have to see what kind of jobs I can get.

So, I guess I sorta did promise I’ll post more pics of my Vocaloid nendoroids, so here’s Miku. With her leek.
I could have and should have gotten a better picture than this, but well, I’m just too lazy =p

on having a sore throad

I meant throat.
I guess being sick means not being able to spell properly.
Heck, I can’t spell even when I’m not sick =p

So I’ve been on break this entire week, and the result?
I end up with a sore throat (courtesy my friend who was just recovering from an illness), which somehow evolved into a cold.
As much as I’d be tempted to use my friend as a scapegoat for this, it’s more or less a result of my own stupidity and of bad timing (so yeah, I may have caught a cold from her, but me getting this sick has nothing to do with her).

I ran a dance event a week ago which involved a fair amount of work, running around taking care of last-minute errands, frustration (a lot less than what I anticipated though), and stress.
Don’t get me wrong, there wasn’t anything wrong with the event, and it all went alright, but hey, running a relatively large-scale event requires effort, right?

Once the dance was over, then came my grad pic session – yeah, did I mention I’m finally getting the hell outta university?
I know it’s just a few shots here and there, but I dunno, I was feeling rather nervous till I was done, and then once it was done, I think I relaxed a bit too much – or more like, I think I’ve let my guard down.

So here I am, stuck with an uber sore throat and can’t stop sneezing. Yep, it seems I’ve come down with a cold.
Only thing I’m relieved about is that I fortunately don’t have a fever, ain’t feeling *that* tired, I don’t think I have an upset stomach, my head’s OK enough that I can sit in front of my computer and not collapse (ie. I don’t have a headache).
It sucks how my throat’s gone really bad, since I anticipated getting some vocal recordings done over the break, but obviously that didn’t happen, and won’t happen anytime soon either >_<

However, on a brighter note, I got this over the break:

Yes, the Vocaloid nendoroids, which arrived back home months ago, but I didn’t get around to doing anything with it when I was back home. So I figured I’d get them sent over here so that I can show them off to my friends over here.
I’ll eventually share some other pics once I get around to them.

on STOP signs and costumes

So I was on the community shuttle on my way to work (which is only a 10 minute walk from my rez, but I was lazy), and then I see this car run through a STOP sign. Then I get this…
shuttle driver: It seems that STOP signs are optional tonight.
me: Oh really?
shuttle driver: Yeah, earlier I saw this guy run a STOP sign, and then he started to waver a bit, probably drunk.
me: Yeah, I’m not surprised, it’s university.

…but thank goodness this wasn’t happening in front of me, I’d hate to get hit by a car driven by drunks =p

Now, I’m sure I’ve said that I’m a geek numerous times. And I still am.
I do have a tendency not to reveal that right away, but it’s not something I’m desperate to hide from people… with the exception of my Japanese family and relatives. The sole exception to “hiding the fact that I’m a geek from family/relatives” would be my brother (also a bit of a geek), and my mother.
After all, I’ve been using my home address back in Japan numerous times for the purpose of getting anime/manga related merchandise sent, and well, guess who receives them – mom!
It’s gotten to the point where my mom seems to have realized and accepted the fact that her daughter does have a slight obsession for anime/manga, based on the fact that a) she ends up spending way too much time shopping at Animate every darn time she comes back home, and b) she also goes off spending tons of money on merch.
What she probably didn’t know was that a) I cosplay, and b) I would go off spending big bucks on costumes.

So I’m getting her to send me a costume that I ordered online, with the hopes that it’ll arrive before the Anime Club’s Valentine Dance.
So I just got an email from mom earlier today with the following:
“Hi, I just got that costume you ordered, but I probably need to open the parcel so that I can make sure everything I’m sending fits properly, do you mind?”
me, without putting much thought in it because I’m in a bit of a rush to grab the costume: “Sure, please do go ahead.”
then her response: “So I see that the costume is a size-(insert size) with the measurements of (insert numerical values), which I think is a bit too large for you, but it’ll probably be alright if you just use some safety pins and such. It reminds me of a decorated cake, in orange and yellowish colors which isn’t too flashy so it seems alright. It’s just that, I realize it is coming out of your own pocket and everything, but it just doesn’t seem like your money was well spent – I mean, I’m sure with this money you could have spent it on much nicer clothes.”
(me: *facepalm*)
me: “Alright, yeah… this is why I was somewhat reluctant to say, ‘yes, go ahead and open it.’ Anyway, I’d only do this if I feel I’m financially stable enough for it, and it’s not as if I’d only use wear this once after having spent all this money. About the size… I’m well aware of what I’m ordering, so like… you really didn’t have to list out everything.”
mom: “Well alright, I’ll send it sometime very soon.”
me: “Oh by the way, I do have a wig on order too and… well OK, once you get it and see it, just don’t say anything, let it through, either pretend you didn’t see anything or just say to yourself, ‘yes, it’s her Halloween costume so it’s more or less OK that she’s doing something really random. …please.”

Yes, I should have known better *sigh*.