on long-term absences and a new year

Happy belated new year.
Yes, I do feel rather guilty that I haven’t touched this blog in the past 8 months.
Not much update either though… at least not on my English side of creative (if at all) stuffs.
I’ve been back in Japan for over 2 weeks now, though heading back to YVR in less than a week with… well packing, unpacking, packing, hopping over to Yokohama/Tokyo, packing, and more packing to do. Yes, unpacking *and* packing, owing largely to the fact that I’ve been acquiring (and consequently accumulating) too much stuff over the past year. Great, who said 3 weeks would be enough to organize all that stuff…
I’ll see how much I’d be able to keep up with doing updates on the numerous blogs (I honestly should get rid of some of these blogs though…), but feel free to check out the other stuff I do (as listed on the right-hand side)