on taking a break that’s been a bit long than anticipated

Well, the break wasn’t completely intentional, it’s just that I happened to find myself spending more time on other stuff that I didn’t really get around to this particular blog.

That aside, I’m still alive and doing stuff here and there.
For starters, I’ve been doing another blog with a friend of mine – we’re focusing on doing reviews on pretty much anything related to Japanese subculture (as you can see from the blog title: “Going My Way Sub-culture”).
And the thing that I’m most excited about this blog is that it’s almost completely bilingual… provided I get around to translating them into English.
GMWSC is basically an online portfolio for my Japanese-English translations (and yes, my friend approves of that too), so if you’re at all interested in looking at how I translate stuff, feel free!

Other than that… well, not much to say about my real life.
I guess the most recent act of idiocy would have been me selling off a few books at Book-Off, and then spending more than double the amount of money I got from the books *on* more books – I thought the idea was to get rid of books since I have too many, and to get some money since I was somewhat low on cash.
……at the very least, I shouldn’t have paid with cash. *sigh*